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We are the only legitimate government of the Teochew-Hokkien (Hoklo) nation. This page serves as a “constitution” of our country.

If you have no idea what “Teochew” or “Hokkien” is, please read our brief introduction of the Teochew-Hokkien Nation.

If you know about the Teochew and Hokkien people, but don’t know why Teochew and Hokkien people should get independence from China, please read our Why Independence page.


Our de jure territory includes the Teochew region and the Hokkien Region.

The Teochew Region includes current Shantou Prefecture-level City, Chaozhou Prefecture-level City, Jieyang Prefecture-level City, Shanwei Prefecture-level City, and the southeastern part of Fengshun County of People’s Republic of China, and the Pratas Islands of Republic of China.

The Hokkien Region includes current Xiamen Prefecture-level City, Quanzhou Prefecture-level City, Zhangzhou Prefecture-level City, the southeast part of Longyan Prefecture-level City, and Datian County of People’s Republic of China, and Kinmen County of Republic of China.

The following graphs shows the historical distribution of Hoklo (Teochew-Hokkien) and Hakka people in both side of the Taiwan Strait during Qing Dynasty. Our de jure territory is approximately the green area in west side of the Taiwan Strait.

Hoklo and Hakka distribution

Legitimacy and Sovereign

Teochew and Hokkien regions defined above are the origin and have been the homeland of Hoklo people for more than 1,500 years. The current Chinese rule over Hoklo people is illegal. (See our page “Why Independence“) Due to the fact that there is no any legal government for Hoklo nation, the Hoklo people have the self-determination rights to form our own republic.

The Republic of Teochew and Hokkien will be strictly a nation state. The sovereignty of the republic belongs to all Hoklo people living in the Country.

Thus in one hand, our country will not seek to become an empire. We will not invade other nations. In the northwest frontier area of our nation, the people are mostly mixture of Hoklo and Hakka people, or Hakka people converted to Hoklo culture. These groups are called Hok-lo-kheh (福佬客) or Puann-Swann-kheh (半山客) in Hoklo language. For these groups of peoples, we should organize a referendum in each village and each town, allowing them to choose whether to join our nation independently. 1

People’s Rights

We believe all Hoklo men and women shall be free individuals, whose natural rights are given by the God and can not be repealed by any governments or organizations. These rights include right to life, right to property, freedom from slavery or torture, right to a fair trial, freedom to bear arms, freedom of speech and press, freedom of religion and belief, and freedom of assembly. However, all rights and freedoms are not excuses to violates others Hoklo men and women’s natural rights.

Since we are a nation whose precious freedoms are constantly threatened by powerful neighbors, all Hoklo people are not only allowed, but also encouraged to bear arms. All able Hoklo men are militia, must receive basic military training when turning 18 as a required civil duty, and have yearly military assembly locally. All families must have arsenals and food reserves in their residence, preparing for possible enemy invasions and even nuclear warfare.

Political System

Political Divisions

The Republic of Teochew and Hokkien will be a Federal Republic. There will be 5 states and 2 free cities in the country.

The two free cities are Swatow and Amoy. Swatow consists of Swatow Island, Kak-chioh Peninsular, and their surrounding islets. Amoy consists of Amoy Island, Chip-bi Peninsular, and their surrounding islets.

The remaining territory will be divided into five states according to historical “Fu” division in Ming and Qing dynasty. Thus the remaining territory will be divided into State of Teochew, State of Choachew, State of Chiangchew, State of Lengna, and State of Hailiokhong. The first four states correspond to four historical Fu’s in Ming and Early Qing. The last one is the Hoklo speaking part of the historical Waichow Fu.2

The Capital

The capital shouldn’t be established in any existing communities since it would disturb the local communities. We should build the capital in some less populous area, between Teochew and Hokkien region, and relatively safe from enemy attacks. Possibly in the mountain areas in Sounthern Chiangchew, or a newly constructed man-made island outside the coastline. The capital district would have similar local political system as free cities. However, in order to prevent the over expansion of the federal governments, all capital residence and current federal government employees and their family members shall not have voting rights in federal elections.

States’ Rights

Any rights which are not federal rights are the rights of states, free cities and the local governments and organizations in them, including but not limit to the right of collecting income and sales taxes, making and enforcing all civil laws and most criminal laws. However, all member states and free cities must be democratic republics themselves, and shall never allow any enemy 3 infiltration in their states.

Even though the Republic of Teochew and Hokkien is a relatively small nation state with only a single ethnic group. However, the diversity inside our society is beyond imagination. There are world-renowned populous, wealthy cities Swatow and Amoy, as well as peaceful but solid and thriving local communities. We have specialized industrial towns which are the world’s important manufacturing centers of firearms, clothes, shoes, toys, foods, and electronics. Almost every town has its unique traditional culture, tradition, food, and goods. The distributed political power system can make sure all local communities can be self-governed base on their local customs and their specialties, allowing them to fully embrace their potentials. For example, the free cities can have policies attracting smart people who love our country from all over the civilized world 4 to live and work in the cities freely, while all regular states can have much stricter immigration laws allowing the state governments and concerned communities to ban any non-local individuals or organizations to buy properties.

Congress, President, and the Supreme Court

The federal governments should be established under the principle of separation of powers. The congress, the president, and the supreme court are established in similar ways comparing to the system of the United States of America. The House of Representatives are elected based on population. Radical gerrymandering are limited by regulation of redistricting. In the senate, every state and free city has two senators. The president is elected by the electoral college. Faithless electors will be fired and replaced. If no candidate has more than half of the electoral votes, an new direct voting will be conducted between the two candidates with most electoral votes. The supreme court has 7 members, who are appointed by the president and approved by the senate. They are responsible to follow the customs and laws based on their original meaning and not allow to misinterpret laws.

National Symbols

National Flag and Coat of Arms

The national flag of our country will be the “Sun Shining on Our Home”. It is derived from the county flag of Quemoy. Showing the sun rising after a traditional Hoklo style roof. Color blue is the color of sky and ocean, which shows our national spirit of maritime and exploration. Color red shows our national spirit of enterprise. Color white stands for purity and justice.

Hoklo Flag Alternative Color

The coat of arms has not been decided yet. We will use the circular version of the national flag temporally.

National Anthem

The national anthem will temporarily be the Hokkien song Ainn-Piann-Chia-E-Iann originally sang by Taiwanese singer Iap Ki-tian, which literally means “No Victory Without Fighting”.

National Flower and National Tree

The national flower will be the Hoklo flame tree (delonix regia). The national tree will be the red cotton tree (bombax ceiba).

Hoklo flame tree

red cotton tree blossom

Both trees has bright red blossoms, which shows that our nation is passionate and energetic. The red cotton tree also has tall and straight trunk, which is commonly seen as the symbol of pride, courage and justice of Cantonese and Hoklo people. Thus red cotton tree is also called “the hero tree” in Cantonese and Hoklo.

The two trees and their blossoms are beloved in Hoklo and Cantonese regions. The Hoklo flame tree is the city tree of Amoy, and its blossom is the city flower of Swatow and Tainan. The red cotton tree blossom is the city flower of Canton city, Teochew city, and Takow city. They are also widely used as symbols in various companies and organizations.

National Animal

The Hoklo white dolphin (Sousa chinensis, or peh-go in Hoklo) will be the national animal of the Republic of Teochew and Hokkien. Like our national trees, white dolphins are beloved by both the Hoklo people and the Cantonese people. It was voted the most beloved sea animals in Hong Kong. It is also called Matsu fish by Hoklo people, relating the animal to the most respected and important goddess in Hokkism. The white dolphin is widely considered as the patron of Hoklo because they protect us from shark attacks. Their pure pinkish white skin also make them a symbol of virtue.

National Motto

The national motto of our country will temporally be “better dead than Chinese”.

After Republic of Teochew and Hokkien get fully independence from China, and the Chinese government (if any) recognizes and respects the independent Hoklo nation, the national motto should be and will be changed to something more neutral, such as “live free or die”.


  1. Of course they need to be approved by the existing members of our country before joining us, just like the constitution of the United States.
  2. The division is not strictly follow the boundary of cultural subgroups of Teochew-Hokkien people. Thus it is possible to find a better division base on cultural differences. States and free cities is the fundamental components of our countries. We should think carefully before setting up the state divisions and keep them stable and solid.
  3. It means Chinese in most of time in the near future.
  4. Excluding China.

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22 thoughts on “Our Country

  • v

    You must include all those speaking Min language as a whole to form a greater nation. Zhongshan Min,Huizhou Min and Hainan Min etc. Those states which was classified under Hokkien based on the old Tang dynasty and Song dynasty map.

    • Admin

      Thank you for your response. Can you show me the map you talked about?

      I have considered Hainan before. Hainanese people are historical friends of Teochew and Hokkien people. The origin of Hainanese culture is most from the historical Hoklo immigrants in the past 1500 years. If the majority of the Hainanese people (excluding the Chinese immigrants in the past 40 years) agree to be part of our nation, and the majority of our people agree to accept Hainan as one of our member states, we shall consider it seriously. However, if we accept them as our member state, we shall consider all the possible problems. Firstly the differences between Hainanese language and Teochew/Hokkien language is larger than the diversity inside Teochew-Hokkien language. Also the fact that Hainan Island and Teochew-Hokkien region is geographically separated may cause further problems.

      As for Zhongshan Min, I don’t it is practical to acquire some separated villages totally surrounded by the Cantonese Republic as our territory. And I don’t think it is good for the welfare of the Zhongshan Min people.

  • v

    there must be a standardization of language which must be a mixture of Quan and Zhangzhou language. Taiwanese would be ideally (after eliminating Japanese words).

    • Admin

      I don’t agree with your idea about standardization of language, at least I don’t agree with using state power to enforce a standard of language. Since our nation was occupied by the Chinese Tyrants for hundreds of years, we all get used to the Chinese way of chauvinism and persecution against minorities. However, after the independence of Republic of Teochew and Hokkien, we shall allow all our member states to choose their official or standard language. We shall allow every media, school, and every company and family to choose their language, dialects and accents.

      In a word, we will not seek to build a Hoklo Tyranny instead of the current Chinese tyranny. Our goal is bring real freedom to all the Hoklo people.

      • Liaofuji

        Dear sir,
        Without a standardization of Minnan language it will be difficult to communicate among each village, Taiwan Ministry of Education 2017 version is good guidance, languages n dialects can cause misunderstanding and crashes among each other. Btw is teochew willing to be fully assimilated into Minnan main stream?? which sometimes despise each other in certain area.

  • ch


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      • Diana

        You are funny lol!!im a hoklo this is fun site to visit, i believe hainanese speak hainanese they are related to us hoklo but li people of hainan actially speak hokkien, and their culture defines our ancient culture, austronesian! Li women wear facial tatoo as symbol of matriachy power, as our hoklo culture women are more superior than men, our men cook and bring home money, women are the core of the household 🙂 in fukien ans canton regoons there r only 6m of us left, cantonese yue people and us hoklo min people also hainanese, yue amd min are cousins, our majority fanned out from fukien and twochaw canton since ancient time, 10th century tan/tran dynaty we ruled vietnam, before that was ly dynasty, then we took thailand, zheng/cheng family in thailand and thai monachy are ourpeople, 15th century teochaw pirate migtated manila and battled with spanish twice, hoklo later settled in phillipines, hoklo people rule phillipines and control its economy 100%, we hoklo are in penang, johor malaysia, singapore also, hakka is not our enemy, we migrates together to taiwan, southeast asia, hoklo also live in caifornia los angeles and aan fransico, queens ny, yue people help us hoklo a lot because hoklo are laid back and cantonese are harder working. The inter racial marriage occured thousands yrs ago. Hoklo are the richest in taowan, phillipines, fukian, malysia, indonesia, sgp. Indonesia genocide were also us. Since we contribute 90% of indonesia economy and still the ethnic minority being bullied. Hope this helps. Understand min culture isnt just in fukien, min yue cultures are in places we settled, and theres not mamy of us left on fukien and canton province.

        • excuse me?

          where are you getting your data from exactly? there’s definitely more than 6m left in fukien. Majority of the province is hoklo still

  • user

    Like the American saying, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

    Anyway, people that laugh at another’s dreams are cowards themselves without any dreams. They don’t understand that physical reality is rooted in dreams, so I say, keep dreaming and one day the dream will become reality. Big changes always originate from just an idea.

    I just want to see the Teochew language prosper. It’s so disgusting that they want to stamp it out with a foreign language like Mandarin.

  • user

    There is another hope though. Throughout Chinese history, dynasties only last 200 or 300 years. Tang Dynasty was good. Even Qing Dynasty was not that bad. How I know this, is because the Teochews that came out from Qing Dynasty were doing well, no brainwashing, no mistreatment by the government. So many Teochews suffered under Mao rule. When re-united years later with family from overseas, they could only cry and cry.

    The only thing under Qing Dynasty was that men had to adopt the cue, but other than that, they weren’t forced to adopt any foreign culture or language. They kept well intact their Teochew language and traditions.

    Perhaps we can have another good one, after this period of darkness.

    • admin Post author

      Qing Dynasty is not that bad after the first one hundred years when the Manchurian massacred millions of people here and there. The issue is, before the rule of Chinese communists, there has never been a government that controls every individual in the society directly. There was always some level of self-governance in town and extended family level.

      Another issue, which is more concerning, is modern technologies enable the current level of tyranny. The development of the mass media is used by Beijing to brainwash our children directly. The development of transportation is used by Beijing to pump Chinese immigrants into Teochew and Cantonese area and drive Teochew and Cantonese people north or abroad. The development of computer technology made it possible for Beijing to track everyone’s online activities and every single monetary transactions. This level of control is not imaginable without modern technologies. The destroy of Teochew identity and culture is at the same pace as the development of China. Before 1980 most Teochew people can only speak a little Mandarin. But many Teochew kids born after 2000 don’t speak Teochew at all. The transition is happening rapidly. It’s very very concerning.

      I agree with you 100% with the “idea” part. If you are familiar with the modern history, you know there were many chances for Teochew and Cantonese to get independent from China. Kuomintang was basically a Cantonese and Hoklo party before 1920. We had the power to overthrown the Qing Empire. The North Expedition of Kuomintang was basically Guangdong Army conquered the whole China. Guangdong and Guangxi remained de facto independent before WWII. The only problem was the Cantonese and Teochew people were not mentally prepared to become independent nations. The same thing apply for Hong Kong in 1980s. If Hong Kong people insisted Cantonese are not Chinese, the UK government will never hand over HK to China.

      However, I am kind of positive about the future of our nation because ideas spread extremely fast. Our core message (Teochew and Hokkien are not Chinese) is so appealing that any real Teochew cannot resist it once they hear the message. Even if they are afraid to admit it, the message will be in their heart forever. In 2008 Hong Kong people are still proud to be Chinese during Beijing Olympics. But in 2017 you can’t find any Cantonese HK people under 35 yo consider themselves Chinese. We are in an era that nobody has seen before. Brace and be prepared.

      • user

        Do you know why the Chinese government hates the Teochews so much? What are they doing to the Teochews in China?

        Yeah, they’re pumping the Chinese immigrants everywhere, Tibet and Uyghur, Shanghai, and now from you, the Teochew area, and don’t forget, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. It’s their method of controlling the area …Haven’t you heard, they just want the land, they don’t want the people. They want the Taiwan island without the Taiwanese. They want HK without the HK people. These people think they can succeed without the talents of the Southern Chinese. I really want to see how well China can do, without Shanghai and Guangdong. They look down on the most valuable resource of the country, the people, and that’s why the only people left in Mainland China today are mostly of “poor quality.” All the talented and competent have mostly left the country. The only people that can’t leave are the people wanting to leech off the communist government, because communism guarantees well-being for everyone!

        Online activities are monitored, but perhaps this is a message for the people to get offline. Life happens offline, after all. If the media is destructive, then don’t use the media. If you know that they are trying to brainwash you, then don’t watch their programs and teach your kids the same. Teach your kids to think independently, to not blindly trust everything they hear. No one really has power over you unless you give it to them. People can harm your body, but no one can harm your spirit unless you let them. That is guarded.

        Caring about online tracking activities sound so western. I feel like it’s a privacy invasion, because I am westernized. Are you westernized? Asian people usually don’t care. All Asians I know think, you want to monitor, go ahead, there’s nothing to see. They do wonder why anyone would want to do that, but they don’t care. Like, similarly as an example, westerners don’t like it if you ask about their salary, age, or weight, but Asians gladly share such info with one another without feeling anything. But I do admit that the level of monitoring done by the Chinese communists is creepy, because they act like stalkers.

        No one can destroy the Teochew identity, unless the Teochews themselves don’t care. I know many Teochews that can’t speak Teochew anymore, but they will always identify with Teochew. It’s interesting, I asked a HK citizen if she was Chinese. She said, no. I asked her if she was Teochew, she said yes. I asked, but aren’t your ancestors from China. She said, yes, but a long time ago.

        It’s interesting what you say about the Cantonese HK people not considering themselves Chinese in 2017. Because it’s not just a phenomenon in HK, but a lot of overseas Chinese nowadays also don’t consider themselves Chinese anymore, or if they do, they will distinguish non-PRC Chinese from PRC Chinese. Like the Singaporeans will call themselves Singaporean Chinese, and call the Mainland Chinese, PRC Chinese. As recently as ten years ago, there was no such distinction.

        I imagine that what’s happening to Teochew people is also happening to the Shanghai people. Perhaps China might really split up. Who knows. Because so many people don’t want to be Chinese anymore. There are also the HK people and the Taiwanese. God, I feel like I wronged my Taiwanese friends. Because they always wanted Taiwan independence since forever, and in my naive younger years, I was like, how come? I thought, don’t you want a great China. But today I understand now why the Taiwanese hate Beijing so much. Beijing is doing the same thing everywhere. It’s showing up everywhere. Everyone wants independence now, except the incompetent.

      • teochew nang

        well for one thing you wont get anywhere if you dont contact the teochews and hokkiens and cantonese or even the south in general in china. have you considered making chinese websites promoting hokkien culture in weibo or some other chinese search engines? you wouldnt be able to promote independence(that would get shut down REAL quick by their censors) but you can still try to prop up hokkien/southern nationalism there. you cant really achieve anything or get anywhere if the only movement for fujian/guangdong independence is OUTSIDE of china and only in english to boot.

  • Tho Mun Chen

    Dear admin/president of the republic Teochew and Hokkien
    would you be interested in the overall support of the Chinese dissident movement if so please contact my email provided

    • teochew nang

      honestly i support a southern independence movement more than anything else. the northerners hate us and the more i research in to it the more i realize that. they put higher fines on us to have more kids and i noticed that their media says bad things about having kids when it comes to the south but when they are talking about the north they encourage people to have kids.
      its become obvious they want southerners gone. spread the word about this

  • gaginangforever

    I’m one step ahead of you my brothers. I have already created an alphabet system using the radicals along with some new radicals. we will separate from our tyrant mandarin overlords and rule our own country just like the Koreans. If you want to see the new TeoSwa Alphabet please email me.

    • yeah

      we should try to support cantonese, hoklo, , teoswa and wu. I’ve seen Shanghainese feel the same way as us too. look up facebook

  • Nazziunalista Sicilianu 18052000

    Hi , i write to the admin of this site. The indipendence movement are now active?There are congress,meeting ,photos or other?
    I’m a Sicilian left-wing nationalist that in a proxime future will create a political party(
    and it will be collaborate with the others existent parties that want indipendnece from Mafia,Italyand US imperialism) .With these intentction in this moment I search friendships of all others indipendentist movement.If you are interested..please write to this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/245729279669421/( in this group of debate there are many discussion about the structure of ideology of our future political party).I propose a simply common diplomatic friendship support…for the freedom of our Nations!

  • niann pe

    I think you live near those Hakka speakers. Because no one live in Teochew proper will call himself as a “hoklo”, except those who has a contact with Hakka.

  • wayne

    I am a Canadian Communist that married a Hokkien female. We are rich and successful but want to move to mainland China to help them achieve their lofty goal of creating a green economy. I am an environmental engineer.
    Any advice would be apprectiated.
    Thank you and buddha bless!