Culture and Religions 6

The Ministry of Culture and Religion of Republic of Teochew and Hokkien will aim to promote the language, culture, and traditional religions of our country.

Department of Language

Romanization of Hoklo Language

Computer Input Method of Hoklo Language

Department of Culture

Office of Music

Office of Opera (including puppetry and glove puppetry)

Office of Visual Arts

Office of Literature

Department of Religion

Office of Hokism

Office of Christianity


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6 thoughts on “Culture and Religions

  • user

    Computer input of characters should be done by handwriting only or with something like the Taiwanese cangjie. That way people don’t forget how to write the characters. What’s happened to the Japanese Kanji ever since computer usage became widespread, is that the Japanese themselves can’t write Kanji anymore. In addition, the act of writing the characters stimulates the brain much better than writing the roman alphabets. Romanization of the language is distracting, unnecessary, and worst of all, destructive to our civilization.

    • admin Post author

      Personally I have a more “progressive” view on this issue. Why is it important to memorize the writing of characters when 95% of the time all you need is to type. You can always lookup digital or printed dictionary if you don’t know how to write a specific character.

      • user

        Your view comes as a shock to me. I’ve always taken it as a no-brainer that you need to know how to fluently write your own language with a pen and paper.

        The “progressives” also believe that kids don’t need to learn and know the multiplication table by heart, because they can always use a calculator. They believe kids don’t need to be taught cursive anymore, because who needs cursive, when you can print. Do you agree with these positions as well?

        It’s crippling to be too independent on technology. What if you’re in a meeting, and you need to write some notes on paper to pass to someone, but you can’t because you don’t remember how to write the characters. You can look up the characters, but it is very inconvenient. Rather than focus on the issue at hand in a critical moment, you need to look up some words in the dictionary. The other party is going to think, this guy doesn’t even have basic writing skills. Do you think they’d have the patience to wait for you to look things up in a dictionary? Maybe just the first time.

        I’ve seen it happened in a meeting that some people can’t read cursive and have to ask someone else to read it for them. That is an embarrassing position to be in, and it would be more embarrassing in a more important meeting.

        But it’s not important what position the state takes on education. The parents are responsible for educating their young. Ultimately, self-education is most important of all, and if you have to rely on others to teach you things, then you’re in a disadvantaged position and perhaps you deserve whatever they give you.

      • teochew nang

        have you considered somehow spreading this pro hokkien /teochew message to fujian and guangdong? its a bit hard to fight for an independent fujian, guangdong country(or at least a more autonomous region) if we dont have the support of the people there. for example do you have a version of this website in chinese characters in weibo or something?

        it might be hard to not have it censored by the authorities though. though maybe instead of directly trying to promote independence you can simply have a pro teochew/hokkien website outlining all the best parts of teochew and hokkien people/culture around the world without actually promoting independence so you can prop up hokkien(or southern ) nationalism without alerting the chinese censors. you can also maybe complain about the discrimination we face from the northerners to alert the southern mainlanders that they are a separate people(though maybe on a different website to avoid suspicion). that SHOULD be able to go through the censors. im sure complaining about discrimination isnt forbidden on the chinese internet.

  • Edward Yulo

    Do you have any studies connecting Hokkien with Austronesian and My cursory scan of Hokkien shows there are a lot of cognates between Hokkien and Thai. Language will show the ethnogenesis of Hoklo.